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"To me the worst fashion faux-pas is to look in the mirror and not see yourself." -Iris Apfel

Julianne Woehrle was brought up amongst the flowers and trees in Alexandria, Virginia, and nature's colors were her first materials for creation. Once she was old enough to hold a paintbrush her Grandmother, Mim, made sure she was never without one; she began teaching her about great historical artists and explaining how to use color and depth in painting at the same time. 

Julianne spent years mastering the many worlds of retail, fashion, and design before launching her own brand late in the summer of 2020. With considerable experience in design and branding, she began by helping other small businesses recreate their visual brand to match their true intentions to stand out in a modern, online world. 

What began with a line of sweet stationery led to custom denim jackets and a handmade jewelry line. Creation is her favorite mode, whether it is the final details of a painting or your new logo. 

Please send all inquiries to!



Monday's Child Classics
218 N. Lee Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Stationary Only


Made in ALX
531 N. Montgomery Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

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