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A Journey Through the Clouds: Part 1

Are you one of those people who stare up at the sky? Perhaps take pictures of it in many different dispositions? I have always been a daydreamer and sky-starer which led me to a recent series of paintings. Every so often a piece of art will flow so freely from my fingertips it seems as though I have no control over it and this series felt that way over and over. Walk with me through the first two paintings in my Cloud Series.

The first piece is called Contentment. I was sitting with my book by the pool at the end of last summer. I felt like all the blocks that had been pushing me around my whole life were starting to fall peacefully into a shape that supported me and had started to create a bit of a staircase for me to climb. The same things that had been stressful before were becoming what gave me the foundation to push forward from. This piece was the first I started and the last I finished in this series as I processed some of those blocks; fear, anxiety, growth, and ultimately coming to peace with the unknown before I could finish it.

A blue cloudy sky, "Contentment" in a gold frame with decorative vases and foliage

The next piece is "A New Day's Light," which burst forth from a canvas I had previously poured a lot of pain and passion into. First, it was meant to be a portrait created for a friend who was quite suddenly no longer in my life. The relationship I leaned on to distract from that discomfort soon became extremely painful as well. The heavily textured acrylic paint strokes from my past lives became the foundation for a new beginning, and something I believe to be quite beautiful. This piece contains the pain from the past, but holds a promising vision of the future. It exists in the dazzling comfort of the present.

A cloudy sky filled with pinks, purples, greys, and turquoise

Check back for more of my behind-the-painting art blogs! I have more in this series to tell you all about. The pieces you see above are both available as cards and 8x10 prints currently, if you would like another size or canvas prints please let me know! Additionally, if you are interested in the original pieces please contact me to see if they are still available.


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